Invech Licensed Cryptocurrency Exchange
Platform Token Sale
Executive Summary
Invech Group is licensed to conduct and regulate cryptocurrency and ICO related business by the government of Timor Leste. IV Token is the platform token for all Invech businesses that can be utilized on the cryptocurrency exchange and future platforms.
Token Sale
Whitelist registration is now open.
Countdown to Phase 1.
Phase 1
Current Discount: 20%
1 Token = $0.32
Total token for current phase: 75,000,000
Phase 2
Current Discount: 10%
1 Token = $0.36
Total token for current phase: 100,000,000
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15 October 2018 - MAPEM (Malaysia Economic Development Council) and INVECH have signed a MoU to appoint Invech as the main consultant to MAPEM on blockchain related matters in Malaysia. (Photos in our news section)


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Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

IEO will run for 60 days and unsold will be given to Timor Leste – Invech Foundation with a vesting period of 3 years.

Duration: 30 days
Token Amount: 75,000,000 IV
Discount: 20%, Locked in for 6 months
Price: US$0.32
Duration: 30 days
Token Amount: 100,000,000 IV
Discount: 10%, Locked in for 9 months
Price: US$0.36


What is IV token?

IV token is the fundamental token used by Invech in all of its project. As a start it can be used as a platform token for Invech Crypto Currency Exchange, and later be used on all 9 of Invech licensed businesses. 500,000,000 unit of IV tokens have been created on the ERC20 platform, and the amount would never increase nor decreased.

How is it used?

IV Tokens can be used within the exchange to pay for transaction fees or outside the exchange where IV is a recognized mode of payment particularly in Timor Leste.


  1. To introduce an alternative currency through the creation of Invech Token
  2. Bringing in foreign direct investment & decreasing unemployment rate
  3. Regulating crowdfunding through controlled processes
  4. To fully tokenize tourism and agriculture in Timor Leste
  5. Improving human capital and capabilities of the local people of Timor Leste
  6. To provide advice and consultancy to the government on blockchain and technology related matters.
  7. To provide education and training to improve livelihood

For full information, please visit

Benefits of IV token
Invech Token will be used on all platform of Invech Group’s business.
Exchange Discount
Get up to 60% discount on transaction fee when trading with IV Token.
Peer-to-Peer Payment
Ability to use it as P2P payment for business and individual. Mobile wallet to be released.
Early Bird Discounts
IEO participants can own IV Tokens at a discounted rate and enjoy token appreciation upon completion of IEO.
Platform for conversion of IV Token to Fiat to be launched in 2019.
IV Token is recognized as a legitimate crypto currency by the government of Timor Leste.
To be widely accepted
The main mode of transaction for all Invech's development
Low Risk Investment
Invech is a licensed body from the Government of Timor Leste to conduct and regulate crypto related businesses.

Why participate in IV token sale?

  1. Established and strong ties with blockchain/crypto friendly government of Timor Leste.
  2. LICENSED to implement Fiat – Crypto – Fiat.
  3. All exchange users will have discounts up to 60% when they use IV to transact within the exchange.
  4. Invech CRYPTO – FIAT ATMs.
  5. Wide platform token usage – Over 9 licensed crypto and online businesses.
  6. Active traders will reap rewards ranging from cryptocurrency bonusses, platform discounts, merchandises or a trip to Timor Leste.
  7. Invech will be listed on the Nasdaq OTC Stock exchange by end of 2018 which will further increase exposure, reputation and confidence from the market. While at the same time, having token value appreciation.
  8. We will be implementing many volume generating strategies that will bring in more transactions to the exchange, such as payment gateways, secondary exchange, and others such as tourism – hotels and casinos, agriculture, consultancy and etc. IV Token will be the baseline currency thus increasing liquidity, market capital and credibility.
  9. Managed and operated by an experienced and competent team.
  10. 10% of total allocation will go to Timor Leste – Invech Foundation.

Token Allocation

Note: * To be released in stages as more platforms are launched to control liquidity and value of IV tokens.

Fund Distribution

  • 30% of the funds will be used to build the Invech platform and perform upgrades to the system, which includes team recruiting, training, and the development budget.
  • 30% will be used for Invech’s branding and marketing, including continuous promotion and education of Invech and blockchain innovations in industry mediums. A sufficient budget for various advertisement activities, to help Invech become popular among investors, and to attract active users to the platform.
  • 30% will be kept in reserve to cope with any emergency or unexpected situation that might come up.
  • 10% Security – to conduct scheduled and periodic security review, audit and risk management to close technical and business process vulnerabilities.

The Advisors

Florencio Da Conceicao Sanches
Francisco Monteiro
Colbert Low
Sahra Brean
PhD Candidate in Economic Politics mainly on Blockchain and Taxation. Founder of ICOchain, Geneva. Founder of Rising ThinkTech, Geneva. Ex- JP Morgan Chase & HSBC Tax Specialist
Harpreet Singh Maan
CEO & Co-Founder of Blocklime
National committee member on ISO standards for
"Blockchain & Electronic Distributed Ledger Technologies".
Ambassador for Hedera Hashgraph and Hyperledger.
MDEC Digital Expert Panel on Blockchain Adoption.

The Core Team

Our international team consist of experts, strategic partners and advisors from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and Timor Leste.
Kenny Lim
Self-taught entrepreneur for the past 18 years with experience in logistics, IT, trading, investing and crypto mining. He is a master strategist and a visionary leader cum businessman.
Ronald Cheah
Ex– banker turned entrepreneur. Went into business after a calling to the industrial supply chain industry. Experienced in finance related matters, organisational leadership and strategic planning.
Raimundo Campos
Director BBM Blockchain Timor and external counsellor to the Timor Leste Government, Mr Raimundo has been assisting the government in various matters ranging from business to administration. He will be in charge of liaising with the government on all issues pertaining to the license granted to Invech from the government.
Jagedteswaren Ayadore
co-founder, director of global business development
Mr Jag is an expert business developer and marketeer who has assisted many companies to reach out to a global audience. He has a large base in the Asia and the Middle East.
Anthony Davie
Strategist, Technical Architect, Author & Trainer. He is experienced in Information Technology, Organisational Leadership, Business Development and Sales Management.
Marcus Voo
Business and Crypto enthusiast M.D. Runs a private angel fund investing into startups and stocks. Also experience in strategic planning, organisational leadership, business development and public speaking.
Vincent Tan
Based in Malaysia, Mr Vincent has had 14 years experience in a wide variety corporate law areas in Malaysia and Singapore and also general litigation experience.
Kwok Tai Yau
Chief Finance Officer
Mr Kwok has been working in the financial industry for 36 years, possessing an intuitive grasp for financial trends and identifying promising start-ups.
Samuel Tan
Chief Technology Officer
Over 14 years of large scale SAP ERP and Financial System implementation experience. Experienced in managing projects of up to 150 million USD. Employer and client includes global company such as IBM, HP, government and others.
Kent Low
Branding Officer
Entrepreneur, business in retail trading, import/export and distribution channel for over 15 years and experience in marketing and branding strategy.
Hemalingam Rama Naidu
Chief Liaison for Timor Leste
Mr Hema has been with the United Nations for more than 10 years. Working in Timor Leste during the civil unrest until the UN left in 2012. He is well connected and established as one of the top peacekeepers in Timor Leste.

Our Strategic Partners

BBM Blockchain Timor handles all issues pertaining to the license granted to Invech from the government, headed by Mr Raimundo Campos, co-founder of Invech Group
CIDA Holdings Limited (HK) is a company with expertise in the finance industry in Hong Kong. Having more than 35 listed companies as backers.  
MALAYSIA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL is one of the key organizations in Malaysia currently engaging and assuming responsibility for economic development and growth in Malaysia
BlockTempo is one of the biggest blockchain media located in Taipei, Taiwan. Dedicated to solve the asymmetric information problem in the market and bring the community together
Founded in year 2000, the aim of Cockpitsonic is to make flight simulation available to a wide range of customers including the airline industry and enthusiast.
SteemXP is a community-driven initiative that promotes mass migration of social media users in Southeast Asia by empowering content creation using the blockchain
TRAB Studio is an IT company in Malaysia specializing in 3D, gaming, Virtual Reality and applications development. Providing the best quality contents to developers and clientele around the world
Coins300 is a blockchain focused media agency that helps growth-focused brands achieve their goals with end to end services. Our approach is goal-based utilizing agile methodologies, allowing us to move quickly and measure success.


Idea and Core Team Formation
CIDA Holdings Limited (HK) Invests
BBM Blockchain Indonesia Invests
1st Meeting with Timor Leste Government
SMID (CN) as Advisor
Acquired Cryptocurrency Exchange License from Timor Leste Government.
MOU Signing with BBM Blockchain Timor - MWII (CN), Nasdaq Listed Company to Invest US$ 20,000,000 at Pre-Sales.
Roadshow Commencement
Signed MoU with MAPEM (Malaysia Economic Development Council)
Publicity Campaign in Hong Kong
Commence Hotels and Casino Development
Invech Consultancy
Invech Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)
Full Official Launch with Fully Operational Exchange Platform
Invech Loan Management System for Timor Leste
Invech Payment Gateway
Crypto ATM
Cockpitsonic Collaboration
Government Blockchain Services
Launch Invech Public Chain
Sign up Belt & Road Initiative
Fully Tokenize Timor Leste



MoU signing with MAPEM (Malaysia Economic Development Council)

October 2018